Here is a list of a people from my timeline, who I believe are excellent sources of information, opinions, ideas, thoughts and everything that is of interest to a thinking mind. The list is not ordered in any way but only categorized to tweeps’ main interests.

Technology | Current Affairs | Activism | Cyber Warfare, Defense, Intelligence and Military Aviation | Opinionated


Haris Nadeem – [@harisn] – Founder of, a software engineer in the making and a huge foodie.

Saad Ghauri – [@SaadGH] – New media developer, idea inventor, blogger, brand promoter, social media activist.

Omer Saleem – [@Omer_S] – A laid-back personality who is trying to catch up with today’s technology.

Awais Imran – [@waisybabu] – Passionate writer / blogger, casual photographer, sharer of amusing links and an amalgam of all things geeky.

Hamad Dar – [@HamadDar] – Blogging, music and social media fanatic.

Rabia Gharib – [@rabiagarib] – Editor-in Chief, CIO Pakistan.

Brian – [@bcpk] – Android Fanatic.

Muhammad Alam – [@alzeee] – An Electrical Engineer, a Digital Media
Strategist, a Product Manager, an Event Planner, a Blogger, a Citizen Journalist, a Social Worker and a Metal Head.

Ahmed Bilal – [@ahmedbilal] – CEO and Founder of Football Media. I tweet about Pakistan, marketing, self-improvement and generally interesting stuff.

Saadie – [@Saadie] – A software engineer.

Sohaib Muneer – [@SayB] – Web Applications Developer

Faisal Khan – [@babushka99] – Knowledge junkie, Trivia buff.

Arun Vijayan – [@mixdev] – Web dev.

Awais Athar – [@awaisathar] – PhD student working on Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing.

Atif – [@_c0d3r_] – Mechatronics Engineer, Android fanboy.

Ali Waqas – [@bonbondude] – Tech blogger by profession, an article writer by trending fashion, Investor for resourceful plans.

Harshad Sawant – [@Harsh4d] – I do something online…

Uzair Sajid – [@uzee] – Engineer / Technologist / Blogger / Gamer

Sohail Abid – [@sohailabid] – CTO at Jumpshare, Research Fellow (Punjabi Folklore) at Hri Southasian. Novelist.

Ejaz Asi – [@ejazasi] – Looks after digital and social media strategy & execution at The Brand Crew.

Fursid – [@fursid] – Photographer, Web/UI/UX Developer | Sr. UX Developer at @csquareonline | Inquisitive. Music & inspiration explorer.

Ghaus Nakodari – [@nakodari] – College Dropout. Entrepreneur. Founder of Jumpshare.

Sohaib Athar – [@reallyvirtual] – An IT consultant taking a break from the rat-race by hiding in the mountains with his laptops.

Current Affairs

Mosharraf Zaidi – [@mosharrafzaidi] – Policy Advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Pakistan.

Shakir Husain – [@shakirhusain] – entrepreneur, columnist,and citizen

Issam Ahmed – [@IssamAhmed] – Journalist. Covers Pakistan for the Christian Science Monitor

Raza Rumi – [@Razarumi] – Writer, policy adviser, blogger from Pakistan

Arif Rafiq – [@pakistanpolicy] – Writes at the Pakistan Policy Blog. President of Vizier Consulting, LLC, which provides strategic guidance on Middle East/S. Asian political & security issues.

Omar Waraich – [@OmarWaraich] – Journalist covering Pakistan for TIME and The Independent.

Nitin Pai – [@acorn] – Editor of Pragati – The Indian National Interest Review & Fellow at The Takshashila Institution

K – [@evo8X8]

Shahid Saeed – [@shahidsaeed]

Mehmal Sarfaraz – [@mehmal] – Op-Ed Editor, Daily Times. Joint General Secretary, South Asian Women in Media.

Ejaz Haider – [@ejazhaider]

Kanchan Gupta – [@kanchangupta] – Writer and journalist. Associate Editor, The Pioneer.

Abbas Nasir – [@abbasnasir59] – Journalist.

Saeed Shah – [@saeedshah] – Journalist covering Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Awab Alvi – [@drawab] – Geek, Dentist, Blogger.

Kaala Kawaa – [@kaalakawaa]

Declan Walsh – [@declanwalsh] – NYT correspondent in Pakistan.

Qasim Nauman – [@qasimnauman] – Reuters correspondent in Pakistan.

Feisal H. Naqvi – [@laalshah] – Part time journo; full time lawyer.

Nick Schifrin – [@nickschifrin – ABC news reporter in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Shiraz Hassan – [@shirazhassan] – Journalist, Blogger, Activist

David Steven – [@davidsteven] – IR buff.

Yusra Askari – [@YusraSAskari] – TV journalist

Maria Memon – [@maria_memon] – Journo / anchors @Meray_Mutabiq / Geo TV .

Urooj Zia – [@uroojzia] – Freelance journo and researcher; social entrepreneur-to-be.

Alexander Lobov – [@alexlobov] – Financial journalist. Asian financial markets. Middle Eastern politics.

Anthony Permal – [@anthonypermal] – Copywriter, marketing guru, social activist.

Thomas Baerthlein – [@thomasbarthlein] – Internews correspondent.

Nosheen Abbas – [@goshno] – BBC Journalist based out of Islamabad, Pakistan.

Mobisher Rabbani – [@MobisherR] – A Diplomatic consultant.

Jennie Mathew – [@jenniematthew] – AFP news editor Pakistan/Afghanistan.

Anthony Mitchell – [@aem76us] – A technologist.

Jim Pivonka – [@jimpivonka]

Farieha Aziz – [@FariehaAziz] – Journalist. Assistant editor at Newsline.

Ayesha Tammy Haq – [@tammyhaq] – Part time corporate lawyer and broadcast journalist.

Ahmad Nadeem Gehla – [@Nadeem_Gehla] – An Attorney working in corporate sector in Malaysia.

Ali Dayan Hasan – [@AliDayan] – Pakistan Director at Human Rights Watch.

Fasi Zaka – [@fasi_zaka] – A columnist.

Omar R. Quraishi – [@omar_quraishi] – Journalist — Editorial Pages Editor

Shaharyar Mirza – [@mirza9] – Journalist.

Jahanzaib Haque – [@jhaque_] – Web Editor, The Express Tribune.

Bushra Gohar – [@BushraGohar] – A politician.

Hafsa Khawaja – [@Hafsa_Khawaja] – Palaver about politics & global affairs.

Gul Bukhari – [@gulbukhari] – A columnist.

Josh Mull – [@joshmull] – ournalist and Commentator on politics, international relations, media and democracy.

Beena Sarwar – [@beenasarwar] – Journalist, artist, documentary filmmaker from Pakistan.

Patricia Scott – [@8s] – Human Rights, Environment.

Shahryar Popalzai – [@spopalzai] – Sub-editor, The Express Tribune.

Shezreh Mirza – [@ShezrehMirza] – Student at MSU,Gen Sect PSA. Major Economics & Public Policy.

Sherry Rehman – [@sherryrehman] – Pakistan’s ambassador to the US.

Haamid Peerzada – [@A123LAD] – Global Newsaholic, Liberal Progressive outlook, Keen Indo-Pak bystander, Tech-Buff, a Doctor by Degree.

Sonali Ranade – [@sonaliranade] – A trader.

Rezaul Hasan Laskar – [@Rezhasan] – Press Trust of India correspondent in Pakistan.

Pierre Fitter – [@pierrefitter] – Editor at India Today Group.

Jaskirat Singh Bawa – [@jk7_] – News Junkie. Caffeine Addict. Geek. Army Brat. TV Reporter.

H. S. Panang – [@rwac48] – Ex – Northern Commander Indian Army

Rabiya Shakoor – [@rshakoor] – Political news junkie.

Venkat Ananth – [@venkatananth] – Yahoo! Cricket Columnist, Foreign Affairs, Ex journalism lecturer.


Nighat Dad – [@nighatdad] – Internet Rights Activist, TakeBacktheTech Campaigner, FoE and Privacy Activist, Researcher, Lawyer, Women Rights Defender.

Sana Saleem -[@sanasaleem] – Blogger for the guardian, & global voices.

Shreeya Sinha – [@shreeyasinha] – Journalist, Multimedia Producer, Social Media for @AsiaSociety | Formerly @mediastorm | Photography & Global Affairs.

Marvi Sirmed – [@marvisirmed] – Writes for Daily Times. Works on Parliamentary Development. Advocate of justice, peace, human rights and progressive values.

Kiran Manral – [@kiranmanral] – Blogger, Writer and Founder of IndiaHelps.

Naveen Naqvi – [@naveenaqvi] – Exec Director of Gawaahi, the NGO.

Jehan Ara – [@jehan_ara] – President of the Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES (P@SHA).

Cyber Warfare, Defense, Intelligence and Military Aviation

CyberWar – [@cyberwar] – Richard Stiennon,security industry analyst reporting on cyber defence and author of Surviving Cyberwar.

Lewis Shepherd – [@lewisshepherd] – Director of Microsoft Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments.

Mikhail Grinberg – [@mbgrinberg] – Consultant, strategist, student of the defense industry, interested in innovation, disruptive tech., and emerging markets. Architecture and photo enthusiast.

Manish Thakur – [@dailyexception] – National Security views from a NY investor in defense, security, cyber & space.

Gulliver – [@inksptsgulliver] – Ink Spots is a blog dedicated to the discussion of security issues across the spectrum of conflict & around the world.

Andrew Erickson – [@andrewserickson] – Open-source intel resource on China.

Raymond Pritchett – [@galrahn] – Enterprise Technology, Maritime Strategy, Foreign Policy, Government.

Blogs of War – [@blogsofwar] – National Security, Counterterrorism, Hacking, Military, Intelligence, Cyberwar, Arab Revolution, and International Affairs.

Clarisse Carnets – [@clarissecarnets] – Information, intelligence, security, geostrategy.

Aditi Malhotra – [@aditi_malhotra_] – Associate Fellow & Deputy Editor, Scholar Warrior at the Centre for Land Warfare Studies.

Daaniyal – [@le_Sabre] – Ex-Air force chap… Dulce Bellum Inexpertis.

ISI GHQ – [@isi_ghq] – This twitter account is NOT endorsed or maintained by official military sources.

Mustaffa Kazemi – [@combatjourno] – War Correspondent. Former Military.

Ahsan Mukhtar – [@dj_bubble] – Apple fanboy.Co-curator TEDxMargalla.A person who believes in talking pictures and prefer Fighter jets over women !

M. Umair Masood – [@mumairmasood] – Beancounter, ALL survivor, a huge foodie, a lover of military aviation & cynic par excellence.


Mahwish – [@mahobili]

Imtiaz – [@inspirex] – Social interactive junkie, experimentation fanatic, marketing & business strategist.

Jyotishka Ray – [@oldmonkMGM] – Professional Bokachoda and i fart in your general direction.

Raza Shah – [@Raza_Shah] – Those who wish to follow me I welcome with my hands & the red sun sinks @last into the hills of gold & peace to this young warrior without the sound of guns.

Hafsa Q. – [@hafsaq]

Saahil Zafar – [@smokenfog] – Humanist. A Pakistani interested in politics and current affairs. Critical of religious dogma.

Bayl – [@baylinveil] – Development economist. slackademic Slacktivist. Killjoy feminist. anti-war. Anti-metanarrative.

Mehreen Kasana -[@mehreenkasana] – M16 with AN/PVS-2 night vision scope. Postmodern philosophy, sociopolitics, lit, foreign policy, religion, feminism. Rich mascara. Punk.

Anika Khan – [@justanika – An educated Darzan by profession.

Shakti Shetty – [@Shakti_Shetty] – Engineering dropout-out-of-choice| Philosourpher| Antiwordist| Pseudofunny| Stupid Poet| Struggling Writer| Lazy Human| Lazier Blogger| Opinionated Bot.

Ammar Yasir – [@ammaryasir] – Co-founder of, blogger, Internet Junkie, Social Media Evangelist. Freelance technology writer.

iFaqeer – [@iFaqeer] – Communicator. Citizen. Fakir.

Anas MuhammadD – [@AnasMhd] – I trade, therefore I am. — Wall Street takes the brightest people and smashes them into the pavement on a regular basis.

Shemrez Nauman Afzal – [@shemreznauman] – Information Provider + Bibliophile + News Junkie.

Sara Muzzammil – [@SaraMuzzammil]

Zahir Riaz – [@zahirriaz] – Lawyer, radio presenter, bon vivant, ceaseless reader, erratic thinker, fantasy booker prize winner.

Naukhaiz – [@Naukhaiz] – Someone who lost his father in bomb blast at age of 10 but still hopeful bout Pakistan, Abdalian, CFA Charterholder, Certified Chartered Accountant UK, Lecturer.

Nazia Bilal – [@nlikeb] – I will write one the day they change Bio to Epitaph.

Alex H. Swift – [@lahorigori] – All my words come back to me, in shades of mediocrity, like emptiness and harmony… Simon & Garfunkel.

Sudhir Singh – [@sudhirksingh] – Journalist, ex-actor, nationalist, non-materialist who thinks only a spiritual revolution can save the world.

Sana Kazmi – [@sanakazmi] – cricket nut, wannabe social entrepreneur.

Orezavi – [@orezavi] – A wayfarer adventuring through a labyrinth of secret gardens! Info Junkie. #Music Nut. Friendly #Humanist. #Nerd Humorist.

Shamit Manchanda – [@shamit – Architect, Healthcare Architecture, Indian Institute of Architects, Alumnus: SPA, Modern School. Interests : Architecture, Design, Technology, Science.

Husham Ahmed – [@hushamahmed] – Babu

Sidra – [@DreamzDweller] – Exploring myself.

Hanifa Khanum Tareen – [@petitenugget] – Currently maintaining a food and anger diary.

N. G. Ranjha – [@ngranjha] – One of the 7 billion unfortunate ones that have survived.

Zee – [@owliebird] – I am the terror that flaps in the night. Wait, that’s Darkwing Duck.

Beenish – [@be3sbuzz]

Ell Enn – [@ell_enn]

Khaver Siddiqi – [@thekarachikid] – Writer. Listener. Geek.

Usman Bashir – [@gripusa] – A self egoasitc,foolishly truthfull, noisy and a geek. Currently, working for a sports media company as Technology Manager.

Nida Rasheed – [@nidarasheed] – I tweet interesting things I read throughout the day with some personal tweets thrown in. I’m also an absolute bitch. Tread with care.

Nida Khan – [@nidak_] – Must I restrict myself to a definition that fits into 160 characters?

Madiha Riaz – [@madihariaz] – I endorse Filmazia….and Picasso.

Yumnna – [@yumnna] – Little Architect with a growing interest in Urbanism.

Laeeq Rind – [@laeeqrind] – Free Spirit, Karma believer, Student of Software & IT, Gadget freak, Blogger, Techno friendly.

Assad Zulfikar Khan – [@pseudorebel] – Filmmaker, Political fanatic, Diehard Bhuttoist.

Nano M – [@supernova_nano]

Khawar Mehmood – [@rawahk]

Faisal Khan – [@DevilsAdvocated] – An energetic soul in an ageing body.

Raakin – [@raakin] – Guy who owns HUQA™/18% of mainstream Pakistani Music on iTunes.

Talha Zareef – [@zareef4] – Wannabe Intellectual, Photographer, Writer, narcissist and Master of all trades.

Kashif Aziz – [@kashaziz] – I am an Internet Consultant and Entrepreneur. Also into PHP, WordPress, SEO, Social Media, Web Marketing and Blogging.

Walie Paracha – [@walie] – Project Manager / Senior Manager Business Intelligence. Father of a lovely baby doll. Follow Global Economy & Political news religiously.

Usama Khilji – [@UsamaKhilji] – Writer, Activist. Pukhtun & nerdy. Overwhelming. High on life. Youth leader.

Rafi – [@morafi] – Student of life. Trying to make a positive difference. Learning about technology, business, family, faith, politics & cricket.

Vishal – [@knotty_v] – Follow me for critical analysis on cricket, defence, movies, software, electronic gadgets, politics and much more.

Prasanna – [@Flyfiddlesticks] – I click, I ride, I read, and I opine.

Titto Antony – [@tittoantony] – I’ve Got a Feeling…Like last night wasn’t such a good night Cause my head really doesn’t feel right and god dammit, the sun is too, too bright.

Naveen – [@naveenks] – News Junkie. Tweets are for information purpose only. No agenda based tweeting.

Absurd – [@absurd] – It is never bulls vs bears; it is always bulls + bears vs. you.

Elisheva – [@malangchic] – The greatest crime you’ll ever commit against humanity is remaining silent about situations of injustice.

Sarabjit Singh – [@nihang]

Shivam Vijay – [@dillidurast]

Rajeel Arab – [@so_lucifer] – Architect, avid reader, a wannabe – writer, traveler, artist, dancer, photographer, film critic!

Mahnoorie – [@mahnoorie] – Champion eater. Francophile. Kid lit/YA lit warrior. Unicorn-phobe.

Samad Khurram – [@samadk] – Employed by the Government of Pakistan. I realize that makes me pretty useless, and I don’t particularly mind that.

Rafaya Sufi – [@r_sufi] – Researcher of Food Security in Punjab, Pakistan by day. Policy wonk by night.

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