Dr. Syed Baqir Shah, the police surgeon responsible for performing autopsy on five foreigners killed in Kharotabad, Baluchistan and subsequently writing a damning report holding Police and FC personnel responsible for their death, has been gunned down in Quetta today.

The said doctor was first assaulted back in June, 2011 – right after his testimony before the tribunal investigating the Kharotabad incident. Well, he’s dead now. And you can count him as just another lone digit in the already long list of people unjustly killed in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan may, at the very most, order an inquiry or you might see the Supreme Court take suo moto notice of his killing. But rest assured, you will never come to know about his killers or see them being brought to justice.


Well, for one, the people of Pakistan certainly don’t mind innocents being killed any more. They do, every single day. And yet we have become so accustomed to this play of blood and gore that it just doesn’t register on our moral meter any more – which by the way only seems to work when Veena sheds her clothes.

Secondly, you cannot possibly hold the government responsible for this killing. What could they possibly have done? It’s not like the provincial government is in any capacity to provide security to police officers, or to well, transfer them if their lives are in danger. Add to the fact that this policeman always knew what he was getting into by posing a challenge to representatives of the security establishment, he was a marked man. Why then bother putting the government in danger by protecting someone who is a nobody to begin with? Marta hai to maray yaar, meri bala say.

And thirdly, the farce that we put up with in the name of justice via the apex court of Pakistan. Saleem Shehzad, Syed Baqir Shah, Hayat Khan and many other souls like them have, and will continue on to meet their fate at the hands of the so called ‘invisible’ forces in Pakistan. The government can’t face them, the supreme court of Pakistan can’t face them, the media can’t and the people of Pakistan are already at their mercy, left to be judged.

As for the security establishment, oh well, everyone knows who the dead doctor testified against and everyone has seen the videos. I’m sure at least this part doesn’t need spelling out loud.

Dear apex court and the government of ‘State of Pakistan’, pray don’t act surprised or like your cat got lost, if people don’t come out to protect your skin – next time the hidden hands come after you. You’re not exactly endearing yourself to them. This is but only a heads up.

  • Anonymous

    Your post comes across so cynical but I realize that is only due to frustration.  RIP Dr. Syed Baqir Shah.

  • Great write-up. Well said and you are very right in saying that real people (not twitterati) have become numb to senseless deaths…partly because we have become used to it. I know in Karachi people get robbed more than once. When I got robbed, people told me…hey don’t worry, it happens to us all. That’s where it all starts and then suddenly, even killing for a sim is ‘OK’ because, well, it wasn’t me who died. Everyone else just warms up to each situation as it escalates until there is little or no humanity left.