Say No to Corporate Media

So it’s been a while since I last chose to share a few words with you folks. Sorry for that and hopefully you folks will respond kindly to my following entry.

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WHEREAS it is expedient to provide for Nifaz-e-Nizam-e-Sharia’h through Courts in the Provincially Administered Tribal Areas of the North-West Frontier Province, except the Tribal Area adjoining Mansehra district and the former State of Amb.

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What would you not give to escape those never ending, extremely nagging, getting-on-your nerves kind of calls by the moms, dads, wives and girl friends of the world. Who just would not budge from calling you every 10 minutes, if you happen to be stuck because of a car jam, a protest, bomb scare or even a car break down, to get an update on your present location. And it’s not that I’m implying that you mind their concern, but making a simple observation that in cases like these, such calls are bound to get on one’s nerves. What if you can instead, upload your location data, to your own website, in live? And share the link with your family or friends in order to let them know about your whereabouts, in live, if and when you choose.

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What the army should do

Pakistan army’s first operation in Swat

Federal government of Pakistan deployed troops of Pakistan army, in late 2007, in order to curb TNSM’s activities in the settled areas of Swat. The mission continued on for almost half a year and Pakistan army did manage to wrestle the control of valley of Swat back. Hundreds of militants were killed, caught or jailed. While the problem of militancy itself did not go away, it was significantly contained and people who formed the core of TNSM took refuge in Peochar Mountains which are remote and hard to reach, even for the military.

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Insurgency in Swat - An analysis

For the last year and a half, the fast-escalating crisis in Swat has gripped the attention of the entire nation of Pakistan. We have all been reading, mostly in awe, about the on-going insurgency in Swat, bombings of girls’ schools, high-handedness of Pakistan Army and FC personnel, in dealing with such militant elements and about hints of Indian involvement in creating and sustaining this fiasco.

It is going to be a two-part post. In the first, I’ll make an attempt at describing the history of TNSM (Tehreek e Nifaz e Shareeat e Muhammadi) and their political and religious motives behind this war. In my second post, I’ll divulge in to details of Pakistan Army’s current operation(s) against this militant outfit, reasons why such operations have proved to be inadequate and what can still be done in order to bring this situation under control.

My motive behind this post is to try and present a rather detailed picture of the ongoing situation in Swat, in order to enable you ‘the reader’ to make up your own mind about this war. Once you have done that, I’d like to read about it in the comments section, so please, do comment.

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