Almost every major newspaper in Pakistan has gone nuts starting yesterday morning when Guardian established it on authority that Raymond is in fact working on contract with the CIA and was originally employed by XE (previously Blackwater). As of today Washington Post has further divulged that he was a part of a JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) covert unit, authorized to locate Al Qaeda and Lashker e Taiba members in Pakistan.

This bit of information gives further credence to the three reports by Jeremy Scahill for The Nation last year, which were at that time dis-credited by majority of the regional security analysis crowd as extreme far-left hogwash.

The Secret US War in Pakistan
The Expanding US War in Pakistan
Blackwater in Pakistan

Now, I have in mind a few questions, which I believe if answered, can correctly reflect upon the current status of cooperation between intelligence agencies of the United States and that of Pakistan.

It is generally considered true that ISI already knew about Raymond Davis’s employer being the CIA. Now, merging that information with the fact that a similar CIA unit helped ISI grab Mullah Bradar in Karachi last year, it can be reasonable well established that ISI was in absolute knowledge of the activities of this particular cell.

1. So how were the two other men, responsible for a hit and run, while trying to reach Davis able to escape Pakistan? I know it as well as any serious reader in here, that when it comes to intel ops, ECL is not the only list that can stop people from traveling out of Pakistan.
2. If the said unit was in fact snooping around for LeT members, and the ISI was already in cohorts, what does that say about our aspirations regarding local militant groups? Has ISI finally started the crackdown, even if in such a meagre way?
3. And the most serious question of them all, if for some reason the ISI did not know about what this unit was up to, what does that say about our counter-intelligence capabilities?

There’s a fourth question as well, and this is meant for the media coverage of this issue.

4. Associated Press, Washington Post and The New York Times all withheld information regarding Raymond Davis’s true employer in order to protect him from further scrutiny in Pakistan and for the sake of ‘National Security’ – how many Pakistani media channels or news papers would have done the same, if put in a similar situation?

In my personal opinion, it is about time that the military establishment and government of Pakistan came out clean when it comes to ties between US intelligence agencies and their Pakistani counter-parts. By doing that, they will not only be able to counter propaganda and spread of mis-information. But also let the world know, that Pakistan is in fact playing a serious role in this war.

While yes, there might be consequences for such a decision, but with the speed with which such incidents are coming to light these days, courtesy news media and the internet – they would be far better off by not being on the back-foot at every single such instance. It is time to get serious about this side of information warfare as well.