For the last 64 years, Pakistanis of all caste, color, creed, political inclinations and points of view have become quite adept at playing a game of passing the parcel, to refuse responsibility in all ways possible.

Ask the people on the Right, and it’s because of the US centric policies which have landed us in hot waters, ask the people on the Left and it’s the religious indoctrination which is causing the mayhem in Pakistan. For some the Army is the root cause of all evils in Pakistan, for others it’s the politicians.

What no one is willing to acknowledge is that ultimately, at the end of the day, there are ‘Pakistanis’ being killed day in and day out. Once dead, no one is going to put a label on your grave identifying you with your political ideology. It dies alongside you.

Therefore, every single one of us who does not respond to a Pakistani’s death; in a drone strike, a target killing, a religiously inspired killing, a rape or a murder is responsible for the death of Pakistan. We have simply stopped caring about the sanctity of human life. Be it our institutions or the common people of Pakistan, we all should be held accountable for our silence.

The Army, because it has let itself be led blind by its strategic desires. It simply does not care that its wishes are driving Pakistanis down the path of self-destruction. There will be no country left to defend, if the people are killing each other inside it like mad-dogs.

The Executive and Legislature, because they are all too busy caving into personal interests and self-preservation to actually really bother about the mayhem that surrounds us. Not a single law has been passed to affect judicial proceedings of terrorism suspects. The courts do not make laws, the parliament does, and no work has been done in this regards to allow technical, circumstantial evidence to be made part of regular police work that is given to the court, to build a case against terrorism suspects.

The Courts, because they simply do not consider it as part of their responsibility to question the Executive on its ineptitude, except for their favorite subject of corruption. Not that it is not an evil that is eating through our roots, but it is most certainly not the ‘only’ evil we face. Not once, have I seen the courts question the state of Pakistan on how does it allow so many terrorism suspects to go scot free. Not once the courts asked the government to introduce new laws and terms which could lead to better and more comprehensive trials of terrorism suspects. The Courts really do not live in a vacuum, void of effects of whatever is transpiring in Pakistan, why the denial then?

And ultimately, the onus of responsibility is on us; the people of Pakistan. Here is where the buck stops, not the politicians, not the courts and not the army. We have only ourselves to blame for being scared into silence. We paid the price of a million plus souls to get this piece of land, it really did not come to us for free. How can we then possibly refuse to accept responsibility for it?

And how are we not responsible for the present state of Pakistan if we continue to support religious bigotry, violence, corruption, institutional marginalization of females and the weak (be them poor or a religious minority)? How can we possibly escape the blame? And if we are not ready to claim a stake in this land, much unlike our forebears, responsible for its making, then who will? Should we be asking the Indians, or the Americans, or the British, or the Arabs, or the Chinese to come down here and do the job for us – because we are either simply inept, or just don’t care any more?

The change therefore, if there is to be one, will have to start with us – the people of Pakistan. I don’t care if you are a Mullah, or a Hijabi, or a whiskey chugging Liberal or a person simply trying to make ends meet, the least you can do is to stop supporting the killings of your fellow Pakistanis. This has to stop. You have to start caring again.

Don’t kill Pakistan, please!

  • Saad, you have explained “THE PROBLEM”
    Where is the solution ?